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18 DIY Washi Tape Projects That Are Oh-So Adorable!

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If you are someone who likes to DIY, then you must be head-over-heels in love with this absolutely magical thing called washi tape. Trust the people from Japan to invent something like this apart from the million other awesome stuff they have come up with. This tape is every crafter, stationary lover, décor maniac’s dream-come-true invention! It comes in a lot of different patterns, colours, styles, and sizes. If you think it is just for sticking stuff, you have been under-using it for too long. You can use it as labels, to brighten up your notebooks, to paste your pictures, to decorate your walls, or to even make some earrings! Glitter, neon or on geometric patterns, there is a type for everyone. See? It is the best!

And it is so cheap that you won’t mind buying it either! This tape is definitely here to stay and it makes our lives a little brighter. Creative people from around the world have taken to Instagram to show their washi tape skills. Scroll down for proof.

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Now, that you’ve got the inspo, I present to you 18 things that you can immediately DIY with the help of some washi tape. Just seeing this post open on my laptop, my colleagues have started thinking of how they can use it too! If you have any more ideas, do let me know in the comments section below!


Courtesy: Zakka Life


Super-cute bookmarks made in minutes, even maggi takes longer to cook! Take a regular envelope and cut the triangular flap out. Stick the tape on it and you are set. 

2. Clutch

Up your style game by sticking the tape on a transparent clutch in whatever way you like. Create a design that suits your style!


Courtesy: Optimistic Mommy

3. Coasters

Take a few wooden blocks and turn them into coasters or you can use ice-cream sticks and make your own. Then go ahead and decorate with a ton of the cute tape. 


Courtesy: I Try DIY

4. Earrings

This is a little tricky as it involves buying the hoops from a stationary shop but once that is done, your ears will thank you for them earrings! There are wooden stencils also available in the market that you can just beautify using, yes, what else — washi tape!


Courtesy: In My Own Style

5. Fan

Yes, you read it right. Make your ceiling little vibrant with the help of this tape.


Courtesy: Burlap And Blue

6. Frames

Cut out cardboard stencils or use sticks — anything will do! This tape will make it go from boring to fab in no time. You can also stick pictures and create a frame by randomly sticking the tape around it. 

7. Keyboard

Bored with the plain, simple keyboard? Personalise it with washi and get a lot more productive. 

8. Laptop

Now, that your keyboard is set, work some magic on the back of your laptop. Forget the hassle of every buying a laptop sleeve!


Courtesy: Polish Police

9. Manicure

Stick a bit of washi tape on your nails, add some top coat, and your nails are ready for the next party!

10. Stationary

Anything from notebooks to pencils, erasers, paper clips, etc. can be transformed using washi tape!

phone charger_Hauterfly

Courtesy: The Chic Site

11. Phone Chargers

Those mundane-looking cables that we keep losing will soon become a lot easier to hold on to once you craft it with this tape.

phone cover_hauterfly

Courtesy: Chronicle Books


12. Phone Cover

Jazz up your phone case or cover with this magic tape!

13. Table Lamp

Take wax paper, press some leaves on it using an iron to create a design. Make sure you place a cloth between the paper and the leaf so that it doesn’t burn. Join the 4 sides of the paper using washi tape. Now place a tea candle in the centre and your beautiful lamp is ready! Use a battery light so that the paper doesn’t catch fire. 


Courtesy: HWH

14. Kitchenware

Like I have already said, personalising your utensils is a great décor hack and doing it with washi tape is even better!


Courtesy: HGTV

15. Vase

Turn your standard vase into something unique with washi tape. Do the same for your glasses, mugs, or bottles.


Courtesy: Brit + Co

16. Wallpaper

When used with a lot of skill, washi tape can make bare walls look really pretty. So, bye-bye wallpaper and hello, washi tape!

wooden bracelet_hauterfly

Courtesy: Mama Miss

17. Wooden Bracelet

Now this is one awesome DIY! Take a few candy sticks and soak them in water till they are soft. Bend them into a curve and pierce holes on both ends. Tie a thread or a ribbon, stick on some washi and your bracelet is ready! 

18. Stairs

If you do this, I will bow down to you! How pretty do these stairs look!? 

Buy a variety of this tape, here

If you face any trouble with any of these DIYs, check out this video that has 7 easy projects that will visually guide you on how to use the tape to perfection!


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