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13 Yoga Accessories Every Yogi Needs In Her Life!

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Is it just me, or do you also (almost) fall asleep during the Shavasana (sleeping) position, every time you practise yoga?! As boring as yoga may seem, there is a trick to make it fun, and stay motivated, if you want to keep at it on the daily.

First things first, cute yoga accessories are definitely a MUST to brighten up your mood. The prettiest mat, or the coolest water bottle, and maybe even a cute yoga bag can pump you up for that daily hour of zen!

Here is a curated list of yoga accessories that every yogi needs in her life.

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Yoga Mat by SS Silverware (Rs 839)

1. Yoga Mat

A pop of colour on your yoga mat can make you feel happy, and relaxed during your session. Opt for bright colours or pastels for a calming effect.

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Yogikuti Foam Yoga Block (Rs 450)

2. Yoga Block

Yoga blocks are a life saviour when it comes to those really difficult moves. Get one to match the colour of your mat, or a completely different accent colour.

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Juru Yoga Strap (Rs 500)

3. Yoga Strap

A yoga strap is the best assistant for a deep stretch in parts of your body you wouldn’t have imagined possible.

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Ekam Oil Warmer (Rs 660)

4. Essential Oils & Warmer

Essential oils are one of the key products that help in the calming process, especially the lemongrass ones you smell every time you enter a spa.

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Kaya Refreshing Mattifying Wipes (Rs. 102)

5. Cooling Wipes

If you indulge in hot yoga, this is a definite must-have, since all your pores open up during a steamy session. Before your pores get clogged, use a cooling wipe to keep your face clean.

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Eco Corner Yoga Mat Bag (Rs 750)

6. Yoga Mat Bag

While you are walking to your yoga class or taking your mat to a park/beach, you definitely need a cute bag to flaunt!

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New Chic Mesh Yoga Leggings (Rs 1441)

7. Mesh Yoga Leggings

Want to feel comfortable yet show some skin? Invest in these mesh yoga leggings!

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Light In The Box Yoga Socks (Rs 120)

8. No Slip Socks

Imagine doing the downward dog, and more than stretching your legs you are just trying to balance yourself so that you don’t slip off the mat and fall flat on your face. These no slip socks will help you maintain your balance while you concentrate on the yoga moves.

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Mi Bluetooth Speakers (Rs 1799)

9. Bluetooth Speakers

Using all your senses during a yoga class is definitely going to help you meditate. Put on a playlist with the sound of waves, birds chirping, or some instrumental music to help you relax.

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Deivee Incense Sticks (Rs 799)

10. Incense sticks

There is just something really calming about watching incense sticks burn and turn to ash, while the room smells like all things zen!

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Silicon Tea Strainer (Rs 107)

11. Tea Strainer

This tea strainer is the cutest thing I’ve seen on the Internet today, and you definitely need one of these for that daily detox after your yoga session.

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Ayurvedic Copper Water Bottle (Rs 532)

12. Copper Water Bottle

The benefits of drinking from a copper bottle are motivation enough to invest in one, in order to supplement your body with the right chemicals.

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Refreshing Colouring Book For Adults (Rs 188)

13. Adult Colouring Book

There is no better way to meditate and relax than to sit with a colouring book after a sweet yoga session. It will help you out the chaos around you, and focus on colouring inside the lines.


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