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12 Ways To Sneak In A Workout Even On Super Busy Days!

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Finding time to work out is a legit problem given our hectic lives. When you’re done with a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is break a sweat at the gym. Nevertheless, weight loss is a big goal for all of us. How else can we explain trying our hardest to hide those love handles and bingo wings in every Instagram picture we upload? So instead of sulking about never being able to work out, we decided to look out for ways to sneak in a workout everyday no matter how busy our schedule is. Trust us, it’s not as hard as you think.

Take a look at 12 ways you can sneak a workout into your busy schedule on the daily.


1. Take public transport to college or work

Whether it is running to catch a bus, or switching multiple trains to get somewhere, the extra activity couldn’t hurt. And in a city like Mumbai, chances are you’ll actually get to your destination faster by using public transport.

2. Squat in the shower

There are so many days I don’t want to step out of the shower, simply because the warm water is one of the most comforting things ever! Do some squats while you’re at it. Even if you do 15 each day, that’s over 100 squats a week, girl!


3. Ditch the elevator

Whether it is climbing 2 flights of stairs at your office or 8 to reach up to your apartment, take a vow to never use the elevator again. Or at least, less often.

4. Flex when you are standing

Whether it is the long wait in a queue at the bus stop or the checkout counter at a store, or even during a meeting. While you are standing in one place, flexing and releasing your glute or calf muscles could actually give you a mini workout.


5. Exercise on the job

Find a quiet corner and squeeze in a quick workout session at the office. These quick desk exercises should get you started.

6. Stay active while you watch TV

Use a dumbbell to do some bicep curls, or start doing lunges while you’re watching your favourite show on TV, instead of just plopping down on the couch thinking about Mars bars.


7. Walk around when you take a call

Walk around the house or office every time you get a call. It’s so much better than just lounging around in a spinning chair, making yourself dizzy.

8. Clean up your house once a week

Cleaning is the best form of involuntary exercise. You are literally squatting for 3 minutes when you sweep and mop the floor, and working your calves when you get on your tippy toes to dust the shelves. Trust me, it’s a great workout.


9. Go dancing with your girls

A fun night at a club can burn more calories than an hour long session at the gym. Ditch your heels, wear your most comfortable shoes, and go dancing with your girls!

10. Go grocery shopping

Not necessarily to buy ice cream, soda, and chips. But walking half a kilometre to buy milk and grain can be quiet a workout. Plus, carrying the load back will also give your arms the workout they need.

11. Ditch the trolley for a basket

While you are going grocery shopping, ditch the trolley/cart for a basket. Your biceps, triceps, and shoulders will thank you for it!

12. Last but not the least, LAUGH!

Laughing is the best exercise for everybody. Go to a comedy show, or meet that one friend who cracks the silliest jokes to make you laugh! Or just simply turn on Netflix, and put on your favourite stand-up show.


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