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10 Very Relatable Things Every Girl Feels When She’s Waiting For Her Period

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There’s nothing joyful about being on your period. Or the bit before it when you are an angry, cranky, want to cry and basically life is a pain. And that’s when we are PMS-ing and KNOW that the aunty flow is around the corner. But when it’s due and hasn’t arrived, it’s the worst. You are basically going crazy anticipating it, and it’s taking over your life in ways more than you can count. Life is beginning to suck and you’ve never asked to bleed more than this.

We’ve all had months when our period got skipped or delayed. And it makes us terrified and moody all at once. It’s no good for you. It’s no good for your people. Here are 10 things every girl who has been waiting for her period can relate to!

  1. You’re the go-to person for anyone who needs a pad

You always have pads and tampons in your purse, because you don’t know when Aunt Flo might finally pay a visit. You may forget your wallet at home, but pads have become an inseparable part of your handbag!

  1. You feel like PMSing has become part of your personality

You’re either PMSing or you’re on your period. Which makes people think you’re a cranky person, but that’s just your hormones acting up. How do you explain finishing up an entire large pizza all by yourself?

  1. You despise anyone who gets their period before you do

You started PMSing before your colleague, and even eaten a whole lot of papayas. How dare she get her period before you? Why is life so unfair? It’s no race to bleeding first, but well, you’d appreciate if your period could speed up a bit.

  1. At this point you’ve become a loose canon

You can get irritated at the drop of a hat. Your bae feels he is walking on thin ice, and you’re only slight less scary than Annabelle.


  1. And your people are collectively praying for your period to arrive

At this point, it’s not just you wanting to chum that bad. Literally everyone – people you know and work with are praying for you to bleed soon. There might be chanting sessions you don’t know of.


  1. You begin to worry if you are pregnant

Do I have endometriosis? Am I pregnant? Is that why I have been all bloated? But you realise it’s not a baby, it’s probably the food you’ve been chowing down at lightning fast speed.

  1. And then you realise you barely have a sex life

And then you try to think back to last time you had sex, and it was probably some time in the pre-Independence era. Your sex life has been so passive, that secondary smoking seems is the most active thing you are doing . There goes your mood! You need your period, and you need a guy. *cries into a pillow*

  1. You’ve been surviving on fries and cupcakes

The only time you feel slightly happy is when you’re munching on carbs, fats and sugar. So whenever you’re acting crankier than a person off caffeine, people offer you fries to save themselves from the brunt of what is your mood. Hey, you’re getting good food, so it’s not that bad after all!

  1. People begin to offer their sound advice

Suddenly, everyone has their best nuskas to offer – from flax seeds to papaya – all tried and failed. You’re beginning to think, there’s something seriously wrong and turn to Google. And it tries to convince you that you’re preggers. Only if Google knew your sex life is more parched than the Sahara desert.

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  1. And when it finally arrives, you have an ocean down there

You’re finally elated that you’re chumming. There’s happiness on your face, and yet you can’t laugh out loud. Because every time you do, it feels like Titanic’s climax scene down there. Changing pads every two hours is no fun, but you’re glad it will be all over in just a few days.


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