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10 Very Real Struggles Every Germaphobe Will Completely Relate To

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I have never cared if someone shares my food, if I have to use someone’s used spoon or even if there is something spilled on the floor that no one has bothered to clean. There isn’t much that makes me feel icky on the inside. I care about being hygienic and basic level of clean, other than that, I can get by. On the other hand, my cousin needs everything to be Monica clean! She won’t touch anyone or anything without putting on disposable gloves first. It makes me want to roll my eyes, I mean, talk about extra. She owns like a hundred sanitiser bottles, which she will not let you touch and she won’t forgive you for double-dipping a chip. It was not long before I realised she was a germophobe and man, her struggles were real. I finally understood why Sheldon in Big Bang Theory behaved the way he did, all his small antics started making sense. So, to help all the other germophobes out there, I have created a roundup of a few things that they relate too and get a good laugh out of. Even if you aren’t a germaphobe, read on to see through the eyes of one!

1. You die a little inside when someone sneezes or coughs without covering their mouths. It makes you want to run and hide. Or spray the air with some germ-killing disinfectant.

2. Using a public washroom is literally your worst nightmare. You have cold shivers down your spine just thinking about it. *carries a bottle of dettol everywhere*

3. Door knobs are your own personal arch enemy. *uses elbows to open doors* *wipes elbows*

4. You own enough sanitiser to last you three lifetimes and it is needed since you get through a bottle in a matter of weeks.

5. You have a never-ending supply of detergent and with the way you clean, you really need it!

6. Handshakes make you anxious and a simple hug can send you into panic mode.

7. You cringe at the mere thought of eating with a used spoon, even it is used by your mom. It is horrifying when someone puts their hands in your food to take a bite. *orders a separate plate of fries*

8. Economy class of airplanes is your own version of hell, but you don’t really have the money for first-class now so you begrudgingly suffer through snoring men and crying babies but not without a truckload of sanitising wipes at hand.

9. You always stay out of pools, even if it is blisteringly hot. A public pool is a no-no at all costs.

10. Around you, the 30-second rule is NEVER okay!

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