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10 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Very Cringe-Worthy Garmi From Street Dancer 3D

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Just like life, absolutely anything is possible in Bollywood. I mean, there is absolutely no saying what will happen. But recently I just feel like there is something horrifyingly wrong especially with the songs that we are coming up with. You guys remember Pepsi from Zoya Factor, right? When I heard that a few months ago I was, okay we are done with our quota of bad songs for the year. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Ending the year with a bang, we have “Garmi” from the movie Street Dancer 3D. The song is a beautiful mix of cheesy lyrics and pervy dance moves. Basically, it is all things cringy and it will make you laugh. Here are 10 questions that I had while watching the newly released video. PS: Watch the video attached before you read these to maximize your laughter.

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  1. Why is Nora Fatehi dry-humping the floor in the hook step? Look, I know floors can be attractive but I am still to meet a tile I absolutely wanted to take home and make babies with.


  1. Why is Nora dressed in a skimpy bralette while she stares into the camera and gently touches herself? When Varun is wearing a normal ganji? Also, what the hell is going on with hers and Varun’s pants? Hers well, look like they ran out of material to make the whole thing and Varun’s have faces painted on them – erm, what?
  2. Why is Varun flicking off CGI sweat from Nora’s waist in one frame? Who the hell does that? Why is this a thing?
  1. We must admit Nora is a fantastic dancer, but why even with all those moves, why does she still look like she wanted to be anywhere else?
  2. Why does Nora look dead inside throughout the song? Is it because of the lyrics? If yes, then we feel the same way.
  3. Why is Varun throwing his ganji at us at the end of the song? Because it is sweaty and I am pretty sure if I threw my soiled panties at him, he wouldn’t like it very much too.
  4. Aren’t we done with ridiculous raps by Badhshah that make zero sense? wtf is “lal dress mein rani, bilkul red velvet ka cake lage” (You look like a red velvet cake in that red dress) even supposed to mean?

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  1. Describe this song in one word? Traumatizing.
  2. Isn’t Street Dancer 3D supposed to be a movie about a dance competition like its predecessors? I mean, they have all these kick-ass dancers in the background. Why have they spent an entire song sexualizing a girl instead of making it about dance? Don’t answer that.
  3. Can someone please explain what the hell is going on here? Also, I want to know if there is a way to unsee something.

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