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10 Things You Will Relate To If You Live With Someone Messy

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Before moving into the city a few months ago, everyone back home had warned me against the usual big bad world problems that I would face here. But no one thought of warning me against the smaller, more annoying issues of the metro city life. To begin with, finding a house was the biggest task I was faced with, I mean I could’ve found Narnia in half the time it took me to find a decent place to live. The few places that were functioning came with a horror of a roommate. Then I got lucky, a friend’s friend was looking for a place too, so naturally we decided to live together. Little did I know I was moving in with the mess monster. She was super untidy, the hall always looked like a tornado had hit and don’t even get me started on the bathroom. I mean, I loved her. She was the Rachel to my Monica, but me being Monica is the key here and she was a little worse than Rachel. During the years that I lived with her, there are few things I realised, and I think if you have lived with a messy human, you will totally relate with me here. Take a look:

  1. If it weren’t for you, the toilet seat would always be up with the toilet paper never on the roll. The drain would be permanently clogged with hair.

2.Your fridge suddenly turns into a graveyard because they don’t throw the food out. Or anything actually. According to them, elves come and clear out all the garbage in the house.

3. You become excellent at jugaad since all the dishes are piled up on the sink. So you will bribe her, threaten her, hire househelp. Anything to have some semblance of cleanliness around the place.

4 And guess what? You’ll are collecting plastic bottles. Not for recycling but just collecting. While she continues to believe in elves that take out trash.

5. When they do miraculously clean, you realise there is a chair no one knew about because it was buried under a giant pile of clothes.

6. Milk always goes bad because your roommate doesn’t realise that if you leave it out you will have to throw it out. Actually this applies to any kind of food.

7. Their definition of clean means stuffing things in random drawers. Opening up any of those drawers will mean that you will have an avalanche on your hands.

8. You have to wake up early just to shower before them because otherwise, it is like entering an active volcano zone.

9. You become used to stubbing your toe and slipping over random things scattered on the floor, because of course, no one bothered to pick them up.

10. You want to yell at them all the time but you love them so you don’t.

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