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10 Things We’ve To Stop Telling Dark-Skinned Women

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I thank my stars for I was born to parents who are super open-minded. They knew how much space and freedom to give me while still reeling me in. One other thing they nailed into my head was how to love myself, no matter what. And being a dusky girl out and about in a society that still considers fair synonymous to beautiful, I needed the pep talk on loving myself. Though things are changing now but a lot of that change is still just on paper. I’ve never understood the stigma, I am dusky, deal with it! There are a few things that every dark-skinned girl has heard throughout her life and most of the time, it’s not nice. So yeah, don’t tell us what colours will suit us or how what skin treatments will give us with fair skin because the fact is, we love our skin tone, and no one asked for your opinion. Here are a few things you need to stop telling dark-skinned girl. Read it. Understand it. Mug it up if you must, and then keep your unsolicited advice to yourself.


1.“Why are you even wearing sunscreen? You can’t get tanned, but you really should avoid going out in the sun.”

2.Beta, haldi besan lagao, gori ho jaogi. (Apply turmeric paste on your face, you will become fair)

3.“Just apply a filter on your face, no one will be able to tell your real skin tone.” How about you apply a filter on your mouth for once?

4.“Acche ghar mein shaadi ho jaati agar tum gori hoti.” (You would’ve got married in a nice house only if you were fair) *fake smile on the outside while plotting murder on the inside*

5.“You really are very pretty for a dark-skinned girl.” Such a shocker, we are a rare breed *rolls eyes*

6.“You shouldn’t wear neon colours or pastel shades they will only make you look darker.” So, just like your soul?

7.“Use a fairness cream, your skin will become lighter in no time.” I got two words for anyone who says this, f**k off!

8.“Are you buying that lipstick for yourself? Isn’t it too bright for you?” Sure is, but since we are on the subject that shade of b***h doesn’t suit you either

9.“I usually don’t date dark-skinned girls, but I can make an exception for you” Thank you, much obliged but you can leave.

10.“Did someone order a slice of dark chocolate?” Yeah, I did, with a side of shut up!


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