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10 Reasons Why Kate Beckett Is A Total Badass!

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It’s been around 6 months since ABC’s hit crime show Castle went off-air, and I’m having major withdrawal symptoms. I mean, I have followed the show loyally, then watched it and rewatched it several times. Besides the exaggerated crime-solving skills the detectives possess (a total real vs reel contrast), what drew me to the show was Stana Katic’s character, Detective Kate Beckett.

Yes, yes before you #Caskett shippers freak out, I loved the chemistry between the two actors too… but come on, you’ve got to admit that Beckett totally gave you some serious life motivation. Although the show is named after the male character, you know she is central to the plot. And of course, how can you ignore the fact that she and Castle solved crimes with such style — no, I mean literally. Have you seen the heels she wears whilst chasing the bad guys down the back alleys of NYC?

One of the strongest, sexiest, and smartest female protagonists on TV, Katherine Beckett is what we call a total #GirlBoss! And here’s what we’ve learnt from this awesome-possum character. (Just a disclaimer, since we are talking about her most badass moments from the show, there will be spoilers!)



1. Slaying in a man’s world is possible!

From detective to FBI agent to captain, Beckett constantly showed us that you can stand out in a male-dominated industry. Yes, she often had to overcome the sexual innuendos and sexist comments made by the suspects at times (including Richard Castle himself), but that didn’t stop her from totally slaying at her job, and how! She DID not let their manhood get in her way now, did she?



2. Determination & persistence is key

With the main motive to solve her mother’s murder, Beckett became a cop and kicked ass to find the killer. That meant putting her life in danger and going out of her way to follow all leads. She was hell bent on catching the main culprit and did not stop until the job was done. Talk about determination and persistence man!



3. Rules are meant to be broken at times

If necessary, break the rules to get what’s required — I mean, isn’t that how Beckett found her mother’s killer… and the love of her life too? Come on, which actual precinct would put a civilian’s life in danger constantly? She also always has her team’s back when they don’t go by the rules, which is pretty much most of time. So when it’s really necessary, you need to break ’em rules.



4. Be fearless

“You’re breaking my finger!” “Yeah, well after that, there’s nine more.” Yup, she never backed off from a fight and gave it her all when trying to find justice. Whether it was arresting State Senator Bracken, finding LOCKSAT, or even getting shot and literally rising from the dead, she did NOT get scared. Bitch please, ain’t nothing going to get this woman down.



5. Don’t sacrifice your beliefs and never doubt yourself

Never ever give up what you believe in. Beckett totally kicked the amazing job at the FBI, as she had to give up her morals to fit-in. When she gave the captain’s exam and was questioned about her ethics during her review, she was totally unapologetic about everything. She stood by her belief constantly and not once did she question herself. Something we all can learn from.



6. But you need to learn that compromises are necessary

Beckett compromised on her dreams of becoming a lawyer and became a cop in order to solve her mother’s murder. She shows us how compromises are temporary and what matters is the bigger picture. She even held back on her relationship and (SPOILER ALERT!) marriage with Castle, just so she could accomplish her goal.



7. Things will eventually fall into place, including love

Ahhh, one of the main reasons why people got hooked on to the show in the first place! Richard Castle and Kate Beckett’s love is one that will go down in the books for best onscreen romance. Both had separate love interests during the first couple of seasons and it did take four for them to finally get together — but this couple gave us hope that love does find its way. The ending of the series was a little open-ended no doubt … (SPOILER ALERT 2) with them being shot and all, but hey their chemistry constantly makes us jealous and gives us #CoupleGoals.



8. The pantsuit is LITERALLY a power suit

Oh, if we could dress the way Kate did in the show! Beckett has given us style-spiration with the way she wore her pantsuits. I mean she slays in it as much as she does in a cocktail gown. We all know that the pantsuit is trending in the fashion world, but this girl has managed to look super sexy while looking completely powerful in them. I mean, she literally owns the powersuit.



9. It’s okay to show your weakness

It isn’t a crime to admit what your kryptonite is, and it is totally okay to break down. We’ve seen Kate absolutely heartbroken when she found out about Castle’s accident on their wedding day, or how about when she gave up looking for her mother’s killer. She proves to us that admitting your weakness isn’t a sign that you’re incapable; it just means you are human.



10. But overcoming them is key

Well, she caught her mother’s killer, became captain, got married to the man she loved, and totally kicked ass along the way — that pretty much proves that she overcame every hurdle. She never admitted defeat and when she was knocked down, she pulled herself up and hit back with a vengeance. ‘Nuff said!



So if you are a hardcore Beckett fan like me, you will understand the #feels I am going through post the show’s cancellation. And if you haven’t watched it yet, I think I’ve given you 10 more reasons to indulge yourself in some total Girl Boss-ness!

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