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Signs That You Are A Leo And A Proud One At That

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Right before August hits, the reign of the lioness begins. And, as a Leo myself, I can assure you that the zodiac sign brings with it some pretty interesting traits.

There are enough and more people out there who will praise you and tell you how wonderful Leos are; and don’t get me wrong, we are, but there are a few negative traits that define us and make us even better.

For a long time, I had difficulty in admitting that I thrive on attention. Sometimes, I still do. Leos have egos that are as high as the Great Wall Of China, and literally nobody can win an argument against us. Oh, please do try.

For more such sarcastic, in-your-face, but on-point characteristics, watch the video above and share it with the Leos in your life to have a good laugh!

PS: we are quite the sports, no?


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