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10 Sexist Comments We’ve All Heard At Our Workplace

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Sexism exists, let’s just make that very clear. No, it isn’t a fabricated feeling that has developed in every woman’s mind, just to feed her fragile ego. It honestly isn’t.

When you graduate, people will give you various pieces of advice about work life and what it entails, but no one really brings to light the not-so-occasional sexism that women tend to face.

And honestly, it’s not because they’re too shy to put their point across. But it’s actually because almost every woman has got so used to facing sexist comments daily, that it no longer becomes an issue they want to address. That shouldn’t be the case.

Here are 10 nonchalant sexist comments women are really tired of hearing in their workplace! Just because I am a young, attractive woman, doesn’t mean I am your sexy secretary, bro!


Sexist Comments_Hauterfly

1. Why are you dressed like that? Isn’t it too slutty/manly?

No. My clothes, my choice. Whether I choose to wear a pantsuit to work, or a baggy pair of trousers is not your problem. Keep your opinion and your eyes to yourself. If I do the job (and a kick-ass one at that), what’s it to you?

Sexist Comments 1_Hauterfly

2. Further studies? What’s the point?!

Yes, my body is built to have babies and then go into hibernation for the rest of my life. It’s not like I have anything better to do!


Sexist Comments 6_Hauterfly

3. Fuck! It’s that time of the month, right?

I don’t bleed every single day of the month. So if I am angry whenever you interact with me, it’s not my hormones, it’s actually your face!


Sexist Comments 3_Hauterfly

4. She’s probably sleeping with the boss.

Really? I mean obviously I seem to do the work better than you, faster than you, and with a lot more attention to detail. But hey, if I am sleeping with the boss…let me ask for a raise too?


Sexist Comments 5_Hauterfly

5. So when do you see yourself settling down?

Sania Mirza got asked this question recently, to which her response was… ‘I’m a tennis pro, what makes you think I am not settled?’ Settling down in societal terms means marrying and having kids. Yes, indirectly your boss or colleague is asking you if you’re planning to take a leave of absence anytime soon!


Sexist Comments 8_Hauterfly

6. Are you sure you want to work after you get married?

So you think my place is the kitchen? I have one thing to say to you — men who say women belong in the kitchen, don’t really know what to do with them in the bedroom!


Sexist Comments 9_Hauterfly

7. You really need to smile more.

How can I smile if you’re constantly in my face, right? Also smiling too much gives people wrinkles — maybe you should consider not smiling so much!


Sexist Comments 12_Hauterfly

8. Don’t take it personally, babe!

If you’ve targeted me personally, I will take it personally! The fact that you’ve gone so far to insult me, makes it personal, bro.


Sexist Comments 10_Hauterfly

9. Oh God! You’re one of those feminazis!

Using Nazism to exaggerate feminism isn’t done — all we want is to be treated equally. Can you not undermine the importance of that, please?


Sexist Comments 8_Hauterfly

10. Women shouldn’t swear; it isn’t ladylike.

Umm… sure, I apologise. Also, fuck you!


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