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10 Life Lessons 2019 Taught Me Which Made Me A Happier Person

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This year has been a crazy year for me. When I look back to the start of 2019, I feel like so much has happened since and it doesn’t feel like just a year. Yet, ironically, it feels it got over too quickly. I am a person who learns from life and this rollercoaster of a year has taught me so much. My year began with me leaving my previous job and while it was all uncertain at that point, I joined here and it’s been a fun ride since then. I had to let go of some people, some new ones came along and made it all okay. This year has been a year of change and lessons that I shall carry throughout my life. Can relate? Then you will relate to what I have learned and hopefully, it will make you happy like it makes me happy when I look back and cherish every moment that 2019 threw at me.

1) Change comes when you’re least expecting it

They say only change is constant and while I always believed in that, this year has been a trickster with me. Time and again, change tried to throw me off. But I learned if you embrace it, you will always be prepared.

2) Letting a loved one is the most difficult thing to do

I know it’s easier said than done. But letting go taught me that no matter how bad it hurts, it will only make you stronger and it has done that for me indeed. Also, I learned that no matter what, the show must go on, right?

3) Overthinking can damage your health

We all overthink about something or the other and when I over-thought, I lost my sleep, almost developed Insomnia and survived on two hours of sleep and still manage to come to work. But then I realised, nothing is worth ruining your health over.

4) Make time to do something you love and you will glow

We get caught up in our monotonous routine and then complain that we have no work-life balance. Well, nobody but yourself can make you the happiest. And that’s exactly what I did. I signed up for belly dance classes and every weekend it makes me happier than my ex ever did. So yeah, do something for yourself.

5) The women in our lives are our support system so love the fuck out of them

Friends may come and go (I know, very cliche), but the ones that really matter will always find a way to stay in your life. Friends you can drink and party with are great. But your girlfriends and sisters who support you through thick and thin and help you grow are simply awesome! Life’s nothing without them. Shoutout to them for always being there when I needed them.

6) Don’t invest time in someone who doesn’t value you

I am the type of person who will always go the extra mile for the people I think are important to me as I am to them. But things don’t always go the way you want it to. Life’s too short and time is too precious to be invested in people who wouldn’t even jump puddles for you. Ditch them toxic bitches!

7) Your fam may not always understand you. So don’t base your life decisions on that.

Family pressure is a major issue today. Several times, under family pressure I have taken decisions I regretted. This year, I did too, almost! Phew. Then I decided it’s okay if they don’t understand me right now. But through it all, your mom will always be there for you. That’s just how moms are; they are sweethearts! I love you mom

8) Be grateful and believe

We always tend to be ungrateful about the littlest things in our life. Wherever you are in your career or personal life, there’s no point cribbing. I may not be on top of the ladder yet, but I’d like to count my blessings instead.

9) Say yes to anything that makes you happy, even if it’s out of your comfort zone

You will never know if you try the things that would otherwise put you in an uncomfortable situation. This year, I have been saying yes more often and it’s done me so much good! Camping? Karaoke? Another drink? Hell yes!

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10) Say no when you must

While I may be saying yes to a lot of things this year, I have also been saying a firm no to whatever that makes me uncomfy or unhappy. Because my happiness comes before everyone else’s. If I feel like staying in, if I don’t want to do something – I say no, unapologetically.

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