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#Inspiration: These Women Are Promoting The Atmanirbhar Bharat Initiative With Their Local Businesses Of Chocolates And Eco-Friendly Rakhis. This Is Amazing

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In this whole excruciatingly long and boring period of lockdown, the only thing that kept our spirits up were Modi Ji’s tasks. Even if they haven’t helped combat the coronavirus problem even the slightest (yes, I am aware of that, I am not stupid), you can’t deny that these Bigg Boss-like tasks did endorse a sense of unity and solidarity among the people in the toughest times. Also, we had absolutely nothing to do except jhaadu-pochha-bartan et al so, can you really blame us if we enjoyed it?

Every time he announced that he will address the nation, everyone got an adrenaline rush wondering what he would ask us to do this time around. Is the lockdown extended? Do we have a new task for Sunday? Is he demonitising the Rs 2000 note now? (Okay that last one might have just been me). You can say it wasn’t fun, but you’d be lying.

In one of these 8 PM speeches, PM Modi announced the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Initiative and urged his deshvasiyon to invest in locally made brands in order to make India self-reliant. Now, I am sure not everyone was inspired by it but there are some who seem to have got a shot in the arm after Modi Ji’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat speech.

Two such amazing women who got so inspired by the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan and are now inspiring millions are Shweta Paliwal from Madhya Pradesh and Sangita Sahu from Odisha who are making and selling  goods locally at their home to show their support for the PM’s initiative.

Indore resident Shweta Paliwal started making eco-friendly decorative items out of cow dung in a bid to support the self-reliant India campaign and do her bit for the environment at the same time. Since Ganesh Chaturthi and Raksha Bandhan are around the corner, she is working towards making this year Raksha Bandhan even more special with naturally-made rakhis and Ganesh idols.

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She said in an interview how she makes these items with all-natural materials. She said, “I am making these things from scrap material keeping the protection of nature in my mind. I started working on designing these rakhis and sculpture last year and now I am training others as well. These rakhis are bio-degradable and can be easily dissolved in water and plants. I am working to promote PM’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat and vocal for local campaign.”

Shweta also said that she is planning to send her rakhis and some other items like coins and Ganesh idol to PM Narendra Modi. “Idols are made by kneading cow dung like flour, basil seeds are also added to it. It is lightweight and does not harm the environment. Rather, you can also use pottery to immerse it, in which this idol works as a compost. So far, I have made cow idols, diya, anti-radiation mobile stand etc out of cow dung. I will be sending these rakhis, Ganesh idols and coins to PM Modi, she said.

Not far from Shweta, in Odisha, Sangita Sahu who is an Economics professor, has joined the PM’s initiative by selling homemade chocolates. She loves making chocolates so much that she is known as ‘Sangita, the chocolate make’r in her district by everyone. After she is done with her 9 to 5 job as a professor, she spends the rest of her time making chocolates and sells them locally. And, here I can’t even push myself out of bed after working from bed all day.


Sangita also said that she wants to expand this small local business of hers to create employment opportunities for more women in her village. She believes that small Indian businesses like hers can help boost the domestic economy on a greater extent. She wants to bring her homemade ‘golus chakki’ to the bigger markets and sell them on a large scale as she wants to become an successful businesswoman in the chocolate-making industry. She is so inspiring.

I have seen people coming out on streets and breaking their (already paid for) TV sets and phones to show their support in boycotting Chinese goods, which is useless and lest I forget, mind-numbingly stupid. But these women here are the doing the right thing by making environment-friendly, handmade artefacts and homemade chocolates to support PM’s vision. Not to mention, while Shweta is making everyone’s Rakhi and Ganesh Chaturthi so much more special, Sangita is bringing smile on everyone’s face with her chocolates.

It’s amazing to know how these women are doing their bit to join the vocal for local campaign for a self-reliant India.

While that’s still uncertain, one thing that I can say for sure is that these amazing women make everyone incredibly proud.

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