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#Inspiration: Actress Kasturi Shankar Who Was Eating On Arnab’s Debate Since She Wasn’t Getting A Chance To Speak Has Always Been Bold

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I don’t even remember the last time I attended an office meeting in a well-lit, spaced out conference room. Now that we are working from home, working from bed, to be precise, all the meetings and classes have shifted to a digital medium and we are attending these calls on our phones or laptops. However, no matter how draining and confusing these Zoom calls, Skype calls and Google meets might be, online meetings sure have their own upsides.

Like, for example, you can wear your PJs with your fancy ass WFH top and no one will be any wiser. Similarly, if you are attending online classes, you could just turn the mic and video off and do whatever the hell you want like eat or sleep while the teacher goes on with the lecture. I am sure all of you have had your meals while on a zoom class, with video off, of course. We have all done it, no biggie.

But what if one day you forget to turn the video off and are caught eating a meal between a lecture? Scratch that. Imagine you do that live on national TV while you are in a debate with Arnab Goswami? Not making it up. It actually happened to a South Indian actress Kasturi Shankar while she was live and apparently, starving.

Kasturi Shankar was live on Arnab Goswami’s show on Republic TV as she was one of the panelists for the debate titled “Has The Bollywood Lobby Stifled Talent?.” She apparently didn’t get the chance to speak so decided to take a lunch break without turning the camera off. She forgot she was live and started having her lunch on live, on national TV. This sneaky little stunt of hers has already won the internet.

Watch the viral video here.

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In her defence, the anchor Arnab Goswami was “in hyper mode” and didn’t let the actress talk. It’s no surprise, it’s not like he invites his guests to participate or anything.  She tweeted, “I spent 60 minutes watching Arnab in hypermode, he wasn’t gonna let me talk anyways, so I left and grabbed lunch but forgot to sign off skype.  Apologies to everyone for the mess up! No offence or disrespect intended!” She said she was on mute for 67 minutes, “wasn’t getting to talk so did the next best thing.” Honestly, this is the kind of ‘devil my care’ attitude I wish I had.

Most often than not, things like these don’t go well with the netizens and take a nasty turn with the celebrity ending up getting unnecessarily trolled but thankfully that was not the case here. Twitterati found this “mess up” rather amusing and actually lauded her for taking her own sweet time to have her lunch, because let’s face it, she is basically all of us right now with no time to eat in peace, because, WFH. One twitter user wrote, “I appreciate you, actually eating food is not a crime or not what which is looking indecent at all, that time you were free and you use your time with right things, @KasthuriShankar.” Another wrote, “Zero fucks given.” “Smart decision when Arnab is on monologue mode,” another joked.

Some even wondered what she was having as it looked more interesting than the debate. A twitter user asked “We all need to know what were you eating @KasthuriShankar? Looks way more interesting than the debate.” To this Kasturi replied saying she was having Pongal, which is a South Indian rice dish. She also mentioned the dish always gets her in trouble. She tweeted, “Darn it! Whenever I make pongal, it always gets me in trouble. Whoever the boss is!”

Kasturi has been extremely unapologetic about who she is for a while now. She’s smart, articulate and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Her Twitter timeline is a testimony of her fierce nature. She calls out politicians and everyone else for their fallacies and false promises. She once even questioned Rajnikanth’s ability to be a good politician and was trolled by the actor’s fans for it. Overall, she’s the kind to call a spade a spade.

I love how she is so unapologetically cool about the whole thing. I am saying this because I could have never pulled something like that on a national TV, let alone be cool about it. I mean, I check if I’ve cut the call a hundred times before I do anything. But then, I was the kind of goody-goody kid who couldn’t even open my lunch box in between the classes when I was in school so yeah. It takes some guts to do it on national television on a prime-time debate and be a sport about it. She is pure goals.

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