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10 Gadgets To Go Gaga Over This December

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In a week, the best month of the year will be here! The month of Christmas, holidays, happiness, love, and lots of dessert. We save up our salaries throughout the year to buy that one thing before the year comes to an end. It maybe a gorgeous dress, eye-candy shoes, or the most expensive clutch ever made, but for some of us, buying the latest camera is bliss. And since this has been a crappy year, we deserve to gift ourselves, and our girlfriends, some really cool gadgets that will make each of us the ultimate #GirlBoss.

Trust me, once you take a look at these beauties, that dress will fall to second place on your shopping list. In fact, I’m convinced you’ll hit shop immediately!


1. Apple Watch Sport

Launched 2 months back, this watch needs no introduction. With a classy strap and gold features, it will look beautiful on those wrists, girls! Plus, it has Bluetooth connectivity and in-call function, making your life supremely easy.

SHOP NOW: Apple Watch Sport (Rs 20,900)


2. Dolce & Gabbana Leather Phone Wallet

Add a bit of luxury in your life with this absolutely beautiful tulip print phone wallet. It will keep your phone and cards safe, since owning physical cash is a little tricky now!

SHOP NOW: Dolce & Gabbana Tulip Print Calfskin Leather Phone Wallet (Rs 65,813)


3. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

The size of a cell phone, this portable printer is like your Polaroid, but only better. It allows you to print photos from your phones or tab directly, without any wires or connections. Bluetooth FTW! Comes in both white and black.

SHOP NOW: HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer (Rs 8,710)


4. Q Designs Bracelet iPhone Charger

Who said chargers had to be black/white and boring? Here is an opportunity for you to wear your charger that doubles up as an amazing bracelet. The gold finish is breathtaking and will definitely make heads turn.

SHOP NOW: Q Designs Bracelet iPhone Charger (Rs 9,220)


5. Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones

We need gadgets that look sexy AF and that is what these headphones are. Wait, they are not all beauty, but tons of brains too, with a digital sound processor and noise-cancelling power up to 98% — these might just be your bae now.

SHOP NOW: Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones (Rs 33,400)


6. Kate Spade iPhone Cases

There is a whole range of funky cases by Kate Spade that will make your iPhones look way cooler than they already are. Personally, I think this one is damn cute!

SHOP NOW: Kate Spade iPhone 6 case (Rs 4,450)


7. Stelle Audio Mini Clutch Bluetooth Speaker

Yes, that image above is that of a speaker! This clutch is a cray speaker in disguise for those girls who love to party on the go. There is ample space inside to keep all your necessities and the sound levels are insane too! I’m in love!

SHOP NOW: Stelle Audio Mini Clutch Bluetooth Speaker (Rs 26,760)


8. Polaroid Snap Camera

Now all of us want to own an adorable Polaroid, right? But they are a hassle to carry around, quite frankly. In comes this portable Polaroid that is my dream gadget! Fits in your pocket and snaps out images — what else does one need. Also, it’s available in various cute colours.

SHOP NOW: Polaroid Snap Camera (Rs 13,240)


9. Misfit Ray Fitness And Sleep Tracker

Coming straight from heaven is this little bracelet that will track how many calories you have burned, how many hours of sleep you need, the distance travelled, and so much more. It is your very own fitness master!

SHOP NOW: Misfit Ray Fitness And Sleep Tracker (Rs 7,500)


10. Stella Mccartney Cases

Stylish and oh-so sophisticated, these cases may be expensive, but they’re totally droolworthy. The matte black finish looks pretty fly, don’t you think? The chain is just an added touch of glamour that makes it easy to carry. Your phone is just super happy right now!

SHOP NOW: Stella Mccartney iPhone Case (Rs 40,000)


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