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These Rad Wooden Earrings Are What Bushra’s Been Looking For

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I love piercings, and I’m not exaggerating. I don’t mean to brag but my ear piercings run into double digits. My love affair with piercings started in school when I got a couple on the lobes, after which I got adventurous and got my forward helix and tragus pierced. While it might sound like too much to most people, I still haven’t reached the point where I say, “This is it! I’m not getting any more piercings!” After my latest daith piercing, my friends have banned me from getting any more. Maybe it’s time to explore other parts of my body… like say, a dermal piercing on my throat? Hmm.

Having professed my love for piercings, I’d like to add that I’m crazy obsessed with tribal-inspired jewellery. I’ve been looking for spiral earrings for the longest time now. Instagram is a good place to scour the most exquisite designs but the exorbitant shipping charges are very off-putting. I also chanced upon some neat handmade wooden ones but they were like the starter kits for those interested in earlobe extensions (something that I don’t really appreciate) so I had to pass. I had sort of given up on finding something that I liked and could afford until I saw these while browsing through Zara (for a completely unrelated story).


Zara Wooden Earrings_Inpost_Hauterfly

Zara Wooden Earrings

I love how wood has this quality of looking beautiful yet strong. The dark wood in these earrings encased in gold gives this piece a sense of quiet sophistication. Let’s just admit it, gold makes everything look classy! What really appeals to me about these earrings though is that they’re a totally rad style. And they’re just what I’ve been looking for! Little wins, girls, little wins!

SHOP NOW: Zara Wooden Earrings (Rs 990)


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