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Japleen Is Adding Something Really ‘Pretty’ To Her Room

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Yesterday I took on my monthly ritual of cleaning my cupboard (my mom will say that I’m lying but don’t listen to her) and, to my surprise, I realised that I actually have a lot accessories. I keep complaining that I don’t have enough jewellery and roam around with the same 2-3 lockets and earrings, but this was proven grossly incorrect. The only thing I learnt from the process was that I need to be more organised when it comes to my jewellery and also that I need a pair of new jeans. So I decided that my precious jewellery needs to be treated just like that and storing them in random boxes won’t do. They needed a well-deserved home.


That’s when I decided to order this adorable jewellery stand. Wishing Chair has these amazing holders that say ‘pretty things’ in a bunch of different colours, giving you ample choice. This metal stand lives up to its name and is just the right thing for my gems. It doubles up as the perfect décor piece too, making my side table look a lot more presentable. When words are a treat to the eyes, even the load on your pocket feels lighter.

Now, either of two things will happen — a) I will buy more accessories to fill up this space or b) it’ll be a good enough piece of décor in itself. Either way, it works for me!

SHOP NOW: Wishing Chair Jewellery Stand (Rs 380)


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