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The Travel Bug Has Caught Japleen’s Neck!

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Every month, I make a note of the things I want to spend my hard-earned money on. Now, I am not a girl who fancies expensive jewellery or over-priced shoes — but anything from a backpack to a sharpener makes me immensely happy. Yes, they are on my list! But for now, this locket stood out from all the other million desires written down in my diary. I realised I had not purchased one in a long time and it was about time to get one home.


So, during my daily quota of wasting time on Facebook, I came across this really amazing website called the Lady Lux Collections that has a cool range of modern accessories and watches. The locket, with the words “Not all who wander are lost”, struck the right cord with me and I knew that it was time to tick it off the list. Silver-plated and slightly uneven to touch, the locket feels as alive as my desire to travel. The flip side of the locket has the compass directions etched on it — simple yet so full of emotions. Plus, it is the perfect match to my wanderlust card wallet. And if you love to travel and wanderlust is in your blood, you will connect deeply with this necklace too.

It is the perfect gift for your friend who strives to go places, or to gift it to yourself, so that it constantly reminds you of your goals, of your dreams, of your urges to wander. Work hard, so that you can go explore the beauty that this world has to offer but, in the meantime, buy this necklace to keep yourself motivated, at all times.

SHOP NOW: Lady Lux Silver Premium ‘Wanderer’ Necklace (Rs 1,115)


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