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The Laptop Sleeve Farozan Wants To Flaunt!

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For someone who prides herself on her androgynous, minimalist style, I sure like to go crazy with my accessories! I feel like fun brands like Skinny Dip, Accessorize and, occasionally, Chumbak understand my need to go loud and proud. Unfortunately, these brands are a tad on the expensive side and I really don’t see the point in spending all my hard-earned money on bags.

Luckily for me, and now you, I’ve stumbled across a hip new brand called Uptown 18 that does some sweet laptop sleeves, posters, bags, notebooks, mobile covers, and what not. They collaborate with funky, young designers across India and, I must say, their products are THE BOMB. Every time I visit their website, I’m very tempted to go trigger happy!


Uptown 18 Love Triangle Pizza

If I had to describe this laptop sleeve, I’d say it’s the perfect combination of whimsy and foodie! Just like yours truly. The talking pizza reminds me of the umpteen number of animated shows I was obsessed with as a child. The dark colour ensures that any stains won’t show. I know this sounds silly, but when you’re as clumsy as I am, it’s an important differentiator. Since the only time I use my laptop sleeve is on the journey from home to work, I can wear my quirky style with no qualms. IMHO, there’s really never a bad time to show off your love for pizza, and I’m definitely going to get this cutie and add it to my office repertoire. Got a funky new product you adore? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section.

Shop Now: Uptown 18 Love Triangle Pizza (Rs 719)


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