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The Book That Is Making Japleen Believe In Love

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As I have confessed earlier, I am a proud bookworm. Books take me away from reality, helping me take a break from the mess that this world has become. Some authors have the power to change you — just by their words, they connect with you on a whole different level, and uplift your mood in a matter of seconds. Jalaluddin Rumi, the poet and preacher from the 13th century, is one such person. His sayings can make you go ‘wow’, his words touch your soul, and what they do best is help you introspect.

Why am I going on about Rumi? Because I recently discovered this book which is written on him and Shams, a sufi. To say it is beautiful would be a massive understatement.


The title maybe a little confusing. The Forty Rules Of Love doesn’t talk about the relationship you have with your lover or how to date someone. It is about the love for God and, in turn, for everyone else. The rules are about being thankful, appreciating everything and counting our blessings, not being judgemental, and so much more. It is the journey of Shams meeting Rumi, and them embarking on a spiritual adventure. Elif Shafak has done a brilliant job, and his words have the power to really take over your mind and spirit.

It may sound super intense, but you really have to read it to believe that it truly is magical. If you are feeling low, if you have lost hope that there is no kindness left, if you think everything is a disaster, then pick it up and give it a read. At least a part of you will start living in peace.

Before you do that, just read Rumi’s sayings, and you will automatically want to know more about this great man, whose words produce love.

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