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You Can Stand Under Farozan’s Umbrella-ella-ella!

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It’s finally raining here in Mumbai and I for one could.Not.Be.Happier! Finally, there’s some respite from the sticky heat that Mumbai is famous for. As much as I love the monsoons, I kinda hate it too. You see, when it rains here, it pours cats, dogs and trash! Don’t get me started on the muck and yuck that infiltrates the streets. That’s why amidst all this gloom and doom, I find myself reaching out for dhinchak pop accessories that brighten up my mood and makes my colleagues want to reach for their sunglasses!

You see, years ago, I had this habit of only carrying plain Jane black umbrellas which I would religiously lose every fortnight, I wish I was exaggerating. After losing enough umbrellas to last a lifetime, my mom gave me an ultimatum, lose the next one and you’re out (she said it in Heidi Klum’s inimitable style, LOL!). As a last ditch attempt, I headed to my trusty Bombay store to get their loudest umbrella in the largest size available, the logic I used is, it’s so bright and in your face, I’ll never be able to forget it anywhere. IT WORKED! I haven’t lost my umbrella in two years, in case you’re wondering, that’s two decades in Farozan years.

The Elephant Company Flying Elephants Straight Umbrella Inpost_Hauterfly

The Elephant Company Flying Elephants Umbrella

In case you didn’t know, The Bombay Store is a pioneer when it comes to desi-chic accessories in a variety of psychedelic shades and prints and The Elephant Company is responsible for all those gorgeous umbrellas that started the funky rainwear trend! This Flying Elephants Umbrella is sooo cute and bright! This groovy design features elephants under umbrellas, how meta! which makes you feel like you’re looking through a kaleidoscope. The large size makes it perfect for braving those gusts of wind, and an unadvertised bonus is you can ask bae to take a long walk with you under your umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh. I can attest to how sturdy and durable their umbrellas are! The opening mechanism is a snap and it’s made with good quality PVC. So go ahead and be your very own rainbow with this quirky chic umbrella.

SHOP NOW: The Elephant Company Flying Elephants Umbrella (Rs 1,199)


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