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This New Body Scrub Helps Alisha Exfoliate Effortlessly

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Exfoliation is an essential step in skincare that most people don’t pay heed to. It is also true, however, that you needn’t do it everyday, and you definitely shouldn’t overdo it for the fear of destroying your skin. But occasionally, it is necessary to scrub away the dead skin cells and give your skin a natural glow.

Now, if you’ve read my previous posts, you know that I’m a bit obsessive about skincare, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I would be recommending a body scrub. But, in my defense, the new British Rose range from The Body Shop is so delicious, you will be obsessed too.


The Body Shop British Rose Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub

At first, it was the luscious pink colour that caught my fancy. But when I tried it, it amazed me at how the gel texture with real rose petals effortlessly melted onto the surface of my body and gently refined it to reveal smoother, fresher skin. And the fragrance is to die for.

All you have to do is apply a bit of the scrub in circular motions all over your body, and then rinse off with warm water. Do this about 3 times a week and always follow it up with a generous bout of moisturising to have fully nourished and happy skin.

Long baths will never be the same again. So, light up some candles, drink a glass of wine, and treat yourself to a night of pampering. You’ll come out feeling refreshed, happy, and with an undeniable glow.

SHOP NOW: The Body Shop British Rose Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub (Rs 1,295)


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