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Mansi’s Retro Swimsuit Is The Ultimate Pool Party Accessory

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The year 2015 has been great for body positivity with more and more women rising up against oppressive standards set by the fashion industry. I laud this effort because I am a firm believer that every woman is beautiful in her own right, and that body shape has got nothing to do with inner or outer beauty. This also means that I do not stand for dissing any body shape, whether you are size zero or size 18, whether you have ample curves or not — you are beautiful the way you are and you do not need validation from anyone about the same.

I was a confident child, but my confidence took a hit in my teens. Suddenly everyone around me behaved like they had walked straight out of an episode of Gossip Girls. As a teenager, accepting yourself as you are is a little much to ask for. Like every other girl I’ve gone through bouts of insecurity and self-loathing. However, I’ve now come into my own. I’ve found friends who are with me for the person I am and not because of how I look. This doesn’t mean I don’t get mean comments about my size still. It only means that I’m strong enough to ignore and overlook such people.


Striped Halterneck Swimsuit_inpost_Hauterfly

The Beach Company Striped Halterneck Swimsuit


There was a time when I was dressing according to my body shape, but I think that’s humbug. My new mantra is if you like it, wear it with confidence and you’ll look kickass! This striped halterneck swimsuit was love at first sight and I’ll tell you precisely why. It reminded me of the 70s style retro bikini Rachel McAdams wore in that legendary scene in the Notebook, when she and Ryan oh-so-hot Gosling have fun at the beach! That scene is straight up #relationshipgoals for me and this halterneck swimsuit makes me feel like I’ve got at least half of those goals right!

What I really like about this swimsuit is that although it has horizontal stripes, the contrasting striped side panels and high cut legs make for a flattering silhouette. The twisted detail at the bust and the halterneck make me want to pick this up right away. Although Indian summers at the beach can get too hot, this piece is perfect for a pool party with a mint mojito and Ryan Gosling by my side! (Now if only wishes we horses.)

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