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Japleen Is Lighting Up Her Diwali With This Dreamy Lamp

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The festive season is literally all about dressing up, eating good food, and splurging on things that you otherwise would think twice before buying. On my festive bucket list are the following: to trespass someone’s Diwali party, make the wackiest rangoli, and fill my house with everything that looks pretty! And candles, fairy lights, and lamps top that list. Candles have been taken care of by these simple tutorials and fairy lights are available in every stationary store. Finding that perfect lamp can be a little tricky, especially when its is part of your festive expenses. So after hours of window shopping in the malls, I went back to the online stores to complete my search. Just when I was about to give up, I found the perfect piece that matches my personality. Yes, there’s a lamp that matches my personality.


This gold lamp is from this quirky website, The Wishing Chair, that has all the pretty things that a stationary and décor addict like me would adore! The words — ‘live you dream’ — engraved in its metal body inspire me to do exactly that. It’s a tea-light lantern that you can either hang from a hook or keep on your nightstand; either way, the effect will be beautiful. The stars are just an added touch, pushing us to always aim for the stars. See? It’s even bringing out the philosopher in me, that too a terrible one. Available in two sizes, it fits my budget perfectly, helping me buy a few other things too!

Go ahead and raid this site because it is cute AF! This lamp helps me sleep at night, because I can’t sleep in the dark. Shhh… this is our little secret, OK?

SHOP NOW: Live Your Dream Candle Votive (Rs 700)


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