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Japleen Has Found The Perfect Gift For Her Movie-Buff Friend

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Now that Diwali is done and gone, I thought the gifting sessions would be over — but then it hit me, most of my friends decided to take birth in the month of November. While that means I am always broke when the year ends, it is fun to shop for those who matter to me. Most often, I prefer to make something on my own, as it adds a personal touch to the gift, but this month, every year, is an exception. So as I went on a virtual shopping spree to start collecting gifts, I came across one that would surely be loved by my friend who literally thrives on watching movies.


This projector by Smartphone Projector (literally!) is the perfect gadget for someone who is on a budget but doesn’t want to compromise on quality. As I mentioned earlier, my inner DIY insect was not satisfied with just buying the gift — oh no, I had to make it personal and this gadget covered that element too. You have to manually build the projector in order for it to function, as it is made of cardboard. I graciously decided to do that bit for my friend. The instructions are fairly clear and the task is quite manageable. Any android or iPhone will work with this device, so no hassles there. You may not get the home-theater feel, but at this dirt cheap price, it’s totally welcome. Just place the phone in the opening and watch all your favourite videos in peace! It comes in brown and black, and is really light to carry. Sleepovers and camping trips are sorted, for sure!

It works best if the room is pitch dark and you keep the projector on a flat surface. I am so in love with this cool thing, and I know for a fact my friend and I are going to watch a lot of chick flicks on it! I might just end up using it more than her.


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