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The Rose Gold Brogues Sanjana Has Her Eye On!

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When asked what my favourite colour is, my answer is constantly changing. One day it’s pink and the other, it’s yellow. Well, I can’t help it! When it comes to fashion, every colour speaks to me and demands to be a part of my wardrobe. From delicate mauves to deep blues to buttery yellows, my closet has it all.

But ask me what my favourite colour is today and the answer is — rose gold! This colour has been trending an awful lot lately, hasn’t it? I don’t see why not! It’s a rich, elegant shade, designed for a woman of mettle. Slipping on my rose gold watch every day makes me feel like a warrior princess. Gosh, what is it with this particular colour that brings out the overly dramatic side of me? Anyway, I think that rose gold is a particularly beautiful colour and will add that bit of oomph to any outfit.


But nothing can make your ensemble pop like these metallic rose gold brogues from The Label Life. Just take a look at them — so sleek, shiny and gorgeous! These look like they could be the reason for my happiness. Our fashion writer recently picked out a pair of loafers in metallic silver and they look super chic, too! But me? I’m a rose gold girl (as you might have already guessed).

Brogues, metallic ones at that, can turn any outfit into something fun and chic. These rose gold brogues, when paired with a skater skirt and a crop shirt, make for a look that is both snazzy and super cool! Add the right shade of red to your lips, and I’ll guarantee that you’ll be sorted for the evening.

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