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Alisha’s Looking Forward To Tea Time Because Of These Floral Kulhads

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I’ve harped on long enough for everyone to know that I am a die-hard coffee addict, but I will openly admit that I enjoy a cup or three of tea as well. One of my favourite things to do is catch up with my girls over a pot of tea, no jokes. Maybe it’s a function of growing up (read: old), but some days, we swap the wine with the tea, and spend hours just chatting.

It’s a very communal experience, drinking tea, and it’s in fact, very Indian. If you think about it, almost every social call or even business meeting revolves around a cup of chai. You absolutely must have a cup of tea before you take your leave. Am I right?

Anyway, one of my most favourite memories is when one year, for one of my girlfriend’s birthdays, the 6 of us just sat around over a pot of tea and just talked. And the thing is, she had this beautiful terracotta tea set with a pot and kulhads, instead of English style cups.

I kept admiring them because it reminded me of the old-fashioned clay ones that you get your tea in at all the dhabas around the country. And recently, the best thing happened. I found similar ones on PropShop24 and bought them right away.


PropShop24 Floral Kulhads_Inpost (1)

PropShop24 Floral Kulhads (Set of 2)


These latest arrivals on the website have a pretty floral print and are oh-so-summery that they’re perfect for the season as well. I find the shape very soothing and I think that the print gives it a bit of character that would otherwise be absent if they were plain or solid-coloured.

Now I have just the right home accessory/crockery in which to drink a heart-warming cup of masala chai. Sheldon Cooper isn’t the only one who loves tea, or a “hot beverage” when he’s feeling under the weather or upset. I do too. And now, I have my cups to assist with that.

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