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Farozan Wants You To Say Hello To The Olloclip!

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I count myself lucky to admit that photography runs in my blood. You see, I’ve grown up watching my nana jaan (my maternal grandfather) indulge in his love for amateur photography. I’d always sit back wonderstruck as he spent umpteen hours setting up and taking the perfect shot. Unfortunately, the talent skipped my generation. I’m not as adept with a DSLR, and boy do I lack the patience for the whole set up routine.

Instead, I prefer to use my iPhone whenever I find myself trigger happy. Whether it’s a gorgeous dish, selfies with my BFF, or the other things us millennials find ourselves clicking, I only use my cellphone camera. I know traditionalists will never agree with me, but with the right accessories, any good phone can replace a DSLR.


Olloclip- 4-IN-1 LENS_Inpost_Hauterfly

Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens

The Olloclip is one such powerhouse packed in a tiny avatar. The award-winning 4-in-1 Lens comes with a Fisheye lens, Wide-Angle lens, 10x Macro lens and a 15x Macro lens. All of these are interchangeable and snugly fit your phone camera with a satisfying click. What’s better is these lenses fit both the front and rear camera, so the world is your canvas. Brownie points for it being super easy to use and portable.

Of the four, I often find myself reaching for the Wide-Angle lens just so I can fit more into a photo; it’s the best option for landscapes and group selfies. The 10x Macro lens is another favourite because it adds so much detail to the image. Imagine elevating your nice and normal photo of macarons with textural details of the macaron shell and the ability to see the tiniest speck of vanilla. That’s how good the macro lens is! As you may have guessed, I usually use either the 10x or 15x for photos of food.

Go ahead and try this Hauterfly-approved tech accessory. It’ll up for your Insta game for sure! It’s available for iPhones and select Android phones too. Psst, if you’re looking to create the perfect selfie lighting wherever you may be, you can try this nifty phone cover.

SHOP NOW: Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens (Rs 9,754)


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