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Shachi’s Luminous Concealer Gives The Perfect Coverage

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When you have acne AND oily skin, summer isn’t your best friend. And as much as I’d like to go makeup-free, the stress of one’s daily grind does show on your face and needs some masking. Some days I just don’t give a damn and go completely makeup free. On other days, you’ll see me wear a different liner followed by a gorgeous lip shade. I love my makeup, and like every beauty junkie, I understand the importance of working on a fabulous base before getting to the eyes and lips.

I can skip everything under the sun, but I absolutely need a concealer and lipstick at all times. While liquid formulas are not what most people prefer in summer, I’ve found that powder concealers look patchy and don’t give enough coverage. I was on the lookout for a liquid concealer that would be perfect to attack redness and dark circles and that’s when I came across this one from Maybelline.



Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer

This Dream Lumi Touch Concealer comes in a handy tube with a brush on one end and a twist-up base on the other that you need to rotate a few times to get the product out onto the brush. This illuminating concealer works like a highlighter too, so if you’re looking for something to simply cover your spots, this might not be the best product. However, it works great for strobing. It’s also dries up pretty quickly on your skin, so remember to blend it in immediately. A concealer plus highlighter that does the job and comes for such an affordable price? I think it’s a total steal!

SHOP NOW: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer (Rs 480)


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