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Japleen Is Saving Her Salary For This Amazing Book Lamp

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I have a long list of things to shop for before the year comes to an end. One of them is a lamp. I know, I know, I already have too many of them, in all sizes and shapes, but they are my weakness. My friends often have to drag me away from the spot I’ve been rooted to, where I’ve seen a lamp, so that I don’t unnecessarily spend my moolah. But that doesn’t stop me from shopping online, right? *evil smirk* And on one of those guilt-inducing yet satisfying online surfing days, I found the perfect lamp. It has been created for me, literally.


Don’t mistake this for being a fancy fan; it is, in fact, a lamp made by this awesomesauce company called Lumio. It is a book that opens up to be a table-side lamp. Yes, a book! I couldn’t believe my eyes either when I first saw it. It is available in different sizes and colours, so good luck choosing just one. I went for the original wooden one in walnut, as the rustic brown hue made it more appealing. It opens up 360 degrees, and can be hung on the wall, using a leather strap that is provided with it. Magnetic pegs help to mount it. Basically, keep it any way you like.

What else? It has a USB port that can be used to charge your phone. Brownie points right there! If this is not the most amazing gadget-lamp-book ever made, I don’t know what is. Satisfying my inner bibliophile and décor insect, I cannot wait to spend my next salary on it. I deserve a fantastic Christmas gift, no?

SHOP NOW: Lumio Book Lamp Walnut (Rs 12,000 approx)


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