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The Lipstick Sanjana Is Going To Wear To Every Party!

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As a child, I was always fascinated with lipsticks. I remember sitting by my mother’s side as she would paint her lips in a signature shade of deep brown and being utterly awestruck. As my mother would cap the lipstick and put it away, I would secretly hope that she would fish out another shade and paint my lips for me too! Now that I think of it, who would agree to paint the lips of a 6-year-old child?

But now, I have my very own collection of lipsticks. But truth be told, “collection” is stretching the truth. My hoard consists of four tubes, all of them in shades of red or pink. Before all you makeup junkies drop your jaws in horror, let me explain. I have always picked shades that I have felt comfortable carrying off. Earthy reds and blush pinks are the shades I like best and they suit my dusky skin tone. But, all of this changed when a former colleague asked me to try out this super new shade by Lakmé.



Meet Lakmé’s new Enrich Matte lipstick in the shade Wine Matte (WM10). While the new range offers 20 different shades that promise to match every skin tone, the one that I tried is lush and highly pigmented and gives a rich pop of colour to my face. The texture is soft and creamy and I experienced no drag whatsoever on application. The Vitamin E and olive extracts help keep your lips from drying, leaving them hydrated. The shade settles to a creamy finish that looks utterly gorgeous, especially if you’re planning a night out. It stays on for a good 3 hours, unless you’re constantly sipping on water or eating something.

So yes, I’ve finally found a shade that is not red or pink and I couldn’t be happier.

SHOP NOW:  Lakmé Enrich Matte in Wine Matte (Rs 295)


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