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Shachi’s Box Pleat Midi Skirt Is Totally On Trend

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With summer looming large, one of the first things you need to do is get your wardrobe in order. Shove those thick layers at the back of your closet and bring out your pretty floral dresses and bright colours. No matter which part of the country you live in, if there’s one thing you’re prepared for, it’s summer. You’re not new to the heat and how sweaty your skin gets in this weather.

I hate wearing pants in the summer as much as I hate Lord Voldemort. Seriously, he asks for it! I like wearing clothes that are feminine and pretty while still giving me enough coverage to be at ease no matter where I am. You know you’d wear those miniskirts all day every day, girls! If only work allowed minis, I’d wear them each and every day. However, that’s not to say midi skirts aren’t just as chic and totally work appropriate!

This midi skirt from Glamorous is just what your summer wardrobe needs. Why? Well, it’s long enough to wear to work without worrying about any unwanted peep shows. It’s also really stylish thanks to the box pleats which give it a super chic look. Not to mention the gorgeous summery yellow colour!



Glamorous Box Pleat Midi Skirt

I love indulging in single-colour pieces because you can style them in a thousand different ways and make it look different each time. Make it more work appropriate with a tucked-in shirt and pumps on Monday or a coloured tank top and sneakers on Friday. I just created two looks for you right here. This gorgeous mustard yellow with a hint of orange reminds me of mangoes and I can’t wait to don this one during the summer. Did I mention it’s an absolute steal?

SHOP NOW: Glamorous Box Pleat Midi Skirt (Rs 1,695)


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