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This Paisley Nose Pin Is Aindrila’s Current Statement Jewellery

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Did you know that the nose pin isn’t originally from India? It actually originated in the Middle-East and was brought to the country in the 16th century by the Mughal emperors.

However, over time, nose pins have become an intrinsic part of the Indian culture, most commonly seen among Bengalis, Paharis, Pashtuns, Tamilians, and Malayalis.

Anyway, the reason I go back to history is not because I’m Bengali (known for being pseudo intellectual et al. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!); it’s because this little piece of rather nondescript jewellery actually has tremendous potential to add so much character and edge to a face.

My mother, the modern working woman, never had one, but I’ve seen my grandmother and aunts carry off these shiny diamond nose studs, and rock them! So, as a kid, I’d always fancied getting one as soon as I reached legal age. And so I did.

I’ve tried every possible kind of nose jewellery–the stud, the loop, even some funky shaped ones. Each one adds a certain beauty to your face, and if you’re blessed with a sharp nose, then you can go all-out with your choice of nose pins.

While most of my days are spent with my classic diamond stud (they’re the safest choice and pretty much suits every face structure), there are times when I want to change things up a bit. And those are the times I go all-out with the tiniest piece of jewellery one can own.


Paisley Nose Pin_hauterfly

Jaypore Classic Silver Gold Tone Nose Pin

This gold-plated silver nose pin in paisley from Jaypore is just so pretty and classic (as Indians, we can never go wrong with paisley!). I love the fact that it’s not in a conventional shape (most nose pins you’ll find are round or star shaped), and it sits really well on my petite face.

Edgy, yet not OTT, I can totally wear this from AM to PM, and make a subtle style statement with this tiny bomb.

This particular piece is handmade and takes about 18-20 days of delivery time to reach you, but once you wear it, you’re sure to make a few heads turn. And at less than a grand, it’s a smart buy to make if you love your studs.

SHOP NOW: Jaypore Classic Silver Gold Tone Nose Pin, Rs. 700


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