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This Wall Clock Depicts What Japleen Does Best — Wastes Time Talking!

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If being talkative was a talent, I would be a star. It doesn’t matter whether I know you or not, once I start talking, people have to beg me to stop. And while I don’t think it’s a waste, if you who know me, you will say otherwise. (Yes, B you can stop nodding now!)

So, when a product opens up in front of me that reflects this exact thought process, I can’t help but longingly stare at it and then add to cart, right? And that’s what happened with this wall clock, which has now found its home — mine.


Yellow Trunk Chat Box Wall Clock_Home Decor_Editor's Picks_Hauterfly

Yellow Trunk Cartoonpur Chat Boxes Wall Clock

One of my favourite décor sites, Yellow Trunk has the quirkiest products to offer, and this wall clock is just one of the many. The dark background, with prints of the fun, brightly coloured chat boxes, makes it look more like wall art than a clock, TBH.

Resonating with my behaviour of talking, at any given hour, this wall clock reminds me of myself, and I know that makes me a little self-obsessed, but who cares! Plus, I had some summer redecorating to do to my room anyway, and this one just came singing along, all ready to be picked.

Gift it to someone who is always blabbering or buy it for yourself, and tell the world that sometimes, shutting up is such a routine thing to do.

SHOP NOW: Yellow Trunk Cartoonpur Chat Boxes Wall Clock (Rs 799)


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