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#HautePicks: The Hauterfly Editors’ Dream Destinations

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As Hauterfly turns 1, we’re bringing to you some of the #HauteSquad’s favourite picks. From clothes and shoes to beauty products and perfumes, step into our world and get to know Team Hauterfly a little better. And oh, we’ll even tell you where you can buy similar products. We *are* your BFFs, after all!

While we work day in and day out (weekends too) to get the best trends, products and looks out to you, we also day-dream of fancy vacations. Constantly. Trust us, writing and editing travel articles is not an easy tack. Breakdowns are mandatory, every week. But when we do get a chance, our #travelgoals are on point. Whenever we travel, the #HauteSquad travels in style! Even though, collectively, we’re pretty well-travelled (#HumbleBrag),each of us has a special destination on our bucket lists, waiting patiently to be ticked off. Take a look and see if they match your lists!


Maui Hawaii Islands_Hauterfly

Maui, Hawaii

“I’m a bonafide island girl at heart — take me to a pretty beach and I’ll have found my happy place. One of my bucket list destinations is Hawaii — specifically Maui — for its stunning beaches and gorgeous sunsets. There’s something for everyone here — from luxe resorts to friendly B&Bs, world-class surfing to snorkeling and diving, shopping or trekking. If there’s one tropical getaway that has my heart, it’s Maui!”

— Zahra Khan, CEO & Editor-In-Chief


Farol Beach Brazil_hauterfly

Farol Beach, Brazil

“Beaches over the mountains, any day. Digging my toes in the sand and taking a dip in the ocean (even though I literally *just* learnt how to swim), is my idea of the perfect vacay. South America has always been on my bucket list — so diverse! And Farol Beach in Brazil is the first spot I want to hit on that continent. I mean, look at the colour of that water! With a number of hotels and resorts right on the beach and a bunch of water sports to indulge in (although I’m gonna go and be the quintessential beach bum), this is a trip I need to plan STAT.”

— Baishali Chatterjee, Managing Editor

Maldives Dream Destination_Hauterfly


“If there’s paradise on earth, Maldives must be it. It’s a destination that’s long been on my bucket list. Pristine white beaches, crystal clear water, coral reefs, scuba diving, and snorkelling — if you’re a beach bum (like I am), and love the infinite horizons of the sea, I don’t think life is getting any better than this! Tagged as the smallest Asian country, by both land area and population, Male is the capital city. But I’m told (by those who’ve already been there) that it’s Viligili you need to totally explore. A short boat ride from Male, Viligili is the so-called Caribbean of the East (I can already see my carnival spirit doing the little twirl. *winks*). And believe it or not, Maldives is the world’s lowest country. So this is one destination, I better get packing to before it’s washed out, thanks to the rising sea-levels, courtesy: global warming! *rolls eyes*”

– Aindrila Mitra, Managing Editor


Colombia Dream Destination_Hauterfly


“For a coffee and Narcos lover like me, the home of magic realism, Colombia is my perfect dream destination. I can just imagine losing myself in the gorgeous colonial architecture, the mysterious mountains, and sipping local libations along the serene beaches!”

— Farozan Dossani, Social Media Editor 


Greece Dream Destination_Hauterfly

Santorini, Greece

“Why? My first memory of falling in love with Santorini was after watching The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants (don’t judge, I was a teen). The simple white architecture, narrow streets paired with the blue seas and clear skies — it was love at first sight. I would probably crown Santorini as one of the most romantic destinations to visit!”

— Tatiana Dias, Fashion & Beauty Writer


Bora Bora Dream Destination_Hauterfly

Bora Bora

“Turquoise blue clear water, golden sand, and a beautiful luxurious over-water bungalow — Bora Bora definitely tops my travel bucket list! It’s the perfect destination for a holiday, whether with your family, bffs, or your bae! So if you’re a beach bum like me, you might want to add Bora Bora to the top of your travel list!”

— Snehal Fernandes, Head of Video Content


Iceland Dream Destination_Hauterfly


“Every time I open my laptop, the words ‘Iceland Soon’ greet me. It has been my childhood dream to visit this magical country and witness the northern lights. The carpet of white snow contrasts so beautifully with the multi-coloured starry sky, that it’s almost unbelievable that this place is for real. I have a separate travel fund set up only for this #TravelGoal!”

— Japleen Kaur, Lifestyle Writer


Ireland Dream Destination_Hauterfly


“I am a sucker for green meadows, clear blue skies, and castles — sounds like a picturesque postcard from paradise, right? Ireland is exactly like a slice of heaven for me. Being a huge Game Of Thrones fan, I fell in love with this country with every frame.The land has a mystic air to it with its rich Irish history and dramatic castles. Apart from all the artistic charm, Ireland definitely earns a brownie point with Baileys (oh yes, how could i miss that?)! Sitting at my office desk, I am magically transported to this beautiful land — I now know where all my savings is going into!”

— Meghana Choraria, Social Media Executive


melbourne dream destination_Hauterfly

Melbourne, Austrailia

“It was when I watched Salaam Namastey that I instantly fell in love with Melbourne. And the fact that it’s based in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Australia, makes it more irresistible for me. Australia was always the highlight of travel and wildlife shows on Discovery Channel, which happens to be my all-time favourite channel. Maybe that’s the reason I always had this natural inclination to the land down under. Although I have a long list of ‘places I must travel to before I die’, Melbourne stands proud on top of that list. I recently read that it has been declared as one of the best cities to live in, so let me just make a plan to move there forever, while you search for yours *evil grin*.”

— Mansi Chouksey, Graphic Designer


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