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The ‘Marbellous’ Clock That Farozan Has Her Eyes On!

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When I was a kid, I thought that by the time I was 25, I’d have my life sorted. I figured that I’d have my own home, which would look like an amalgamation of my secret Pinterest board filled with Objets d’art. Well, hello, I’m almost 26 and even though I love my life, it’s nothing like that Pinterest ideal. Unfortunately, my friends didn’t get the memo and are now hell bent on adult-ing, so guess who is stuck attending a bunch of weddings?

I’m always on the lookout for great presents that will make my friends super happy and, as I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s all about capitalising on the small details and finding them a present they wouldn’t expect. Since my friends probably expect cash and good times, I’m going to surprise them with this Green Mable Wall Clock  from The Label Life.



Green Mable Wall Clock from The Label Life

The drool-worthy marble texture watch with gold accents is a perfect present for a fancy friend who is setting up their new home, and guess who they’ll remember every time they need to check the time: YOU!  Ain’t that *way* better than a cash present that they’ll spend and forget? What drew me to this particular piece is that although it looks deceptively modern and simple, it’s got a super luxe vibe. The marble texture is simple yet sophisticated, and those gold clock hands are the perfect addition of understated glam! I simply adore this unexpected hue of emerald green, which lends the wall clock a very 1920s vibe that’ll be a great pop of colour in any home. (If you’re not a fan of green, The Label Life also has a spectacular version in white marble.)

So go ahead and gift your friends this stunning timepiece — it’s Hauterfly approved!

SHOP NOW: Green Mable Wall Clock (Rs 2,590)


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