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Farozan’s Pick Of The Week Is SO Tea-riffic!

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I often find comfort in daily routine. Whether it’s something as small as a morning cuppa, a fun alarm, or even uber-ing the scenic route rather than the fastest one, it’s the little things that make life worth living!

One such treasured ritual in my household is the daily tea session at 5 pm — it’s always at the same time, in the same place (nowhere but the dining room is permissible), with the same accompaniments (kachoris and biscuits.) Ever since I’ve started working, that saccharine sweet, ginger-scented custom has been replaced by a harried coffee with colleagues and it’s honestly something I find myself missing!



Good Earth Ceylon Tea Set (Rs 14,000)

I must say, during my daily online stalking window shopping, I stumbled upon GoodEarth’s Ceylon Tea Set and found myself in love. Gosh, darn it! It’s straight out of a P.G. Wodehouse novel, isn’t it? I can just imagine Jeeves sauntering into the room, with a tray bedecked with scones and a similar set, ready to help Wooster with his hare-brained schemes. It’s the kind of refined, elegant tea service that would belong to an adult who probably has their sh*t together, you can clearly tell that I do not fall in said category.

Sure, this is a once-in-a-lifetime investment piece that you can probably pass on to your grandkids, but 14k for chai seems *slightly* steep. Even if it’s made with brass and polished silver. But then again, browsing the Good Earth site is surely a recipe for heartache. Kind of like shopping for groceries on an empty tummy. So, if you’re feeling particularly generous towards a certain Hauterfly editor, please feel free to mail me this beauty. Till then I’ll stick to stealing wistful glances at this work of art. A girl CAN wish, can’t she?

SHOP NOW: Good Earth Ceylon Tea Set (Rs 14,000)


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