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Zahra Is Dreaming Of Languid Summer Evenings With These Coffee Mugs

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I need two cups of coffee everyday. One in the AM, when I need to shock my brain into gearing up for the day ahead. And the other at 4 pm sharp, when the mid-day slump is taking over my brain and body. My daily caffeine fix is non-negotiable, no matter what it may potentially be doing to my skin. (Apparently, coffee is dehydrating. Bah!)

What’s more, I need pretty mugs to have my cuppa joe in. I’m all about the entire experience of drinking my coffee in peace, sipping it slowly from a nice mug — my not-so-recent purchase was a set of these minimalist yet striking Guppy Shup mugs from Nicobar — and zoning out daydreaming of sipping some cold coffee on Mandrem beach while I watch the waves lazily hit the shore. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

And now that I’m entertaining friends and family a lot more than I used to, it’s nice to bring out some delightful mugs to serve them some steaming hot coffee or tea, no? And being the little rebel (without a cause) that I am, I’ve even gotten into the habit of serving fresh juices and shakes in coffee mugs instead of transparent glass tumblers. The oohs and aahs I get from visiting friends is worth the effort too.


Good Earth Nishaat Demitasse Coffee Mug_Inpost_Hauterfly

Good Earth Nishaat Demitasse Coffee Mugs Set


The newest set I’ve got my eyes on right now are these charming bone china mugs from my favourite lifestyle store Good Earth, which come with matching saucers to boot. In oh-so-pretty shades of turquoise and indigo, these mugs feature lush floral motifs and 24-carat gold detailing that’s just too gorgeous to ignore.

Inspired by the beauty of the Nishat Bagh located on the banks of the Dal lake just outside Srinagar — the second largest Mughal garden in the state of Kashmir — these mugs remind me so much of my Persian heritage that I just have to have them now. (I’m a huge fan of the gorgeous detailing in Islamic art and architecture — you should check out my Pinterest board if you have a thing for that kinda stuff too!)

Perfect for languid summer evenings spent over good coffee and conversations, don’t you think?

SHOP NOW: Good Earth Nishaat Demitasse Coffee Mugs — Set of 6 (Rs 9,800)


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