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The Tea-Riffic Way Farozan Is Spending Monsoon Evenings!

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Ahhh, the good ol’ monsoons! The grey and overcast weather outside makes it the perfect time to stay indoors.

I know, many of you would probably want to venture on a road trip, go dance in the rain, or do something equally FUN, but here’s the thing, I’m the quintessential homebody who doesn’t need many excuses to stay home!

I mean, could there be a better way to spend a rainy day than by snuggling up in your blankie, queuing your favourite show on Netflix, and sipping a steaming hot cup of tea? No pakoras for me, thanks! I know like me, you’re probably at work, experiencing those Monday blues, but a girl can dream, right?


Rooibos-Red-Tea_Editor's Picks_Hauterfly

Gardner Street South African Rooibos Tea

Since I enjoy a good cup of tea (NOT milky chai, ew!), I shamelessly hoard a massive stash of tea at home and at work. One of my favourites is actually a newer discovery, the South African Rooibos Tea from Gardner Street.

If I had to describe the flavour, I’d say it’s a delicious melange of both fruity and floral notes, and the ingredients in this particular tea are Rooibos red tea, Orange Peel, Vanilla, Marigold Petals, and Hibiscus petals.

Not only is this brilliantly hued red tea a delicious cuppa, but it also packs in a whole load of health benefits. Rooibos Tea is chock full of polyphenols, which give your immune system a much-needed boost during this season and helps protect you from colds, viruses, and the flu.

It’s also great for those who want to fight wrinkles and ageing, since it contains alpha hydroxy acid and zinc. Is this the drink that was in the fabled fountain of youth? Perhaps!

I usually drink Rooibos Tea at night, because I find it helps me calm down and fall asleep faster. I could go on and on about the benefits, but these are the 3 that matter to me the most, LOL!

So go ahead and enjoy this healthy monsoon indulgence, it’s Hauterfly approved, after all!

SHOP NOW: Gardner Street South African Rooibos Tea (Rs 550)



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