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Shachi’s Belted Dress Is The Perfect Work-To-Party Piece

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Come summer and we stop making an effort to dress up every time we’ve got evening plans. Tell me, when was the last time you got home from work to change into something pretty before heading out? Yeah, I can’t remember either! Whether you admit it or not, summer makes us super crabby and it’s not our fault. It’s so hot and humid that you’re sweating the minute you step out in the sun. Can’t blame anyone for not making use of that stylish wardrobe in this sweat storm!

As comfortable as I am currently (thanks, summer!) with not bothering to change into something fancy when I’m heading out, it feels pretty shitty to look at a wardrobe full of gorgeous clothes that haven’t been worn in forever. Carrying a change or going home to change feels like a lot of effort when you’re simply a lazy person like me. That’s when I felt the need of a work-to-party dress that should be a must-have for everyone.



Forever 21 Belted Stripe Sheath Dress

I love this belted sheath dress that I found on Forever 21 simply because it fits the bill just right. Chic? Check. Work appropriate? Check. Can Wear to a party? Check. Affordable? Oh, check! I love everything stripes so you can’t blame me for instantly falling for this one. This dress also comes with two slanting front pockets, making it apt for days when you’d rather go to a party without a bag or a sling. Just change the shade of your lipstick if you must and head to a party directly from work without breaking into a sweat. Play around with your makeup a little more if you want to elevate your look. Cat eyes and nude lips, maybe? I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to try this one out!

SHOP HERE: Forever 21 Belted Stripe Sheath Dress (Rs 1,679)


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