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Farozan Has Found Her Mid-Week Motivation!

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You know how everyone tells you to “stop and smell the roses”? Yeah, I’d rather wake up and smell the coffee. Every morning, my family knows not to interact with me much until I’ve had my double shot cappuccino, and my older brother (hi bha!) and I bond on this shared caffeine dependence. True to form, my darling brother recently gifted me the taster’s 7 pack from Flying Squirrel and I just have to tell you about this amazing brand.

Flying Squirrel is a home-grown brand from Coorg from the Nellikad estate, which is over 100 years old and has been with the owner Tej Ajjikuttira’s family since the beginning. Every step of the process — from growing the beans to ensuring quality to packaging — is monitored keenly by Tej. And honestly, you can taste the love in every cup of coffee you make.



Flying Squirrel has 7 kinds of coffee that each feature a different flavour profile, body, and drinking experience. I personally am a fan of the ‘Clouds In My Coffee’, an artisan Malabar Monsoon coffee featuring intense woody notes that are the definition of dark and delicious. I also love the Parama blend, which is sweet and chocolate flavoured and tastes great when prepared as a cappuccino.

If you’re starting out on your gourmet coffee experience, I would suggest trying the 7 pack starter kit. It’s got all of Flying Squirrel’s delicious offerings and you can taste your way through the range. Each air-tight packet comes with brewing and serving instructions that are helpful for noobs and connoisseurs alike. By my rough guesstimate, I’ve brewed 4 cups with each 50 gram serving. My favourite thing about Flying Squirrel has got to be the fact that the coffee can be ground to your specification, which is a blessing!

SHOP NOW: Flying Squirrel Taster’s 7-Pack (Rs 540)


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