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The Sleek Wallet That Compliments Japleen’s Style

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People who know me well are aware of the fact that I don’t carry a wallet. Yes, it’s hard to believe but I don’t. I never felt like using it in college but now that I’m a working girl, it has dawned on me how important this product is! Previously, you’d find all my money thrown in my bag, along with all the change. Imagine the drama I would create every time I had to pay someone. My cards would be in one corner of the bag wrapped in a scarf. Important memos were dumped in like they were of no use. Tired of this mess, I gave up being lazy and decided to purchase a good wallet. When I shared this thought with my best friend, she decided to buy one for me.


Leather wallet_Hauterfly

Eske Beige Leather Wallet (Rs 2,999)


So the two of us surfed through a million options to find that perfect product. Success came to us after about four hours in the form of this beautiful beige Eske leather wallet. The light colour suits my style as I don’t like loud accessories. Plus, I can carry it to work and to a party later. The texture is super smooth because of the high quality of leather used to make it. It has around 13 pockets which is more than enough to keep my stuff. In fact, I can even put my lipstick in without any trouble. The golden Eske logo works really well with the colour and also saves it from looking boring. What adds to its stylish aura are the two zips with a unique design.

I would personally recommend anyone who is like me and doesn’t own a wallet to go ahead and click shop! Now, it’s also easier to keep a tab on my expenses. Major win-win situation!

SHOP NOW: Eske Beige Leather Wallet (Rs 2,999)


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