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Japleen Gets Her Cooking Right With This Quirky Recipe Journal!

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Apart from writing articles and annoying my colleagues on a daily basis, the one thing I absolutely love doing is cooking. The sizzle of garlic, the aroma of mint, the texture of bread…simply call out to me. If it was on me, I would make the kitchen the largest part of my house with a small library inside to store all my recipe books. Yes, I’m old-school like that — books over gadgets. I have been advised to perhaps switch to online sites for recipes, but that is the one thing I will never be able to do. My cooking experience is enhanced by reading or flipping through cookbooks.

But sometimes it’s a hassle to bookmark these recipes. Considering how many of these books that I actually own, finding *the* right recipe is a task. So I decided it was time to invest in a notebook that would keep all my food secrets safe!


Enter my trusted stationary e-store, Prop Shop 24, for just that! While I searched for a fun notebook, I stumbled upon this recipe journal, which is in one word — perfect. You should definitely judge a book by its cover, in this case. The engraved sentence ‘Don’t be afraid to take whisks’ won me over instantly. It has 30 pages with food prints as the background that will make you not want to write on them — contradictory to its use, yes,  but who cares, it’s cute! Since it’s spiral, you can adjust your recipes however you want, categorizing them as and when you need to. What’s more, if I run out of the pages, I can just order the sheets separately. #WIN!

With a separate section for notes and a tab that lets you mark your recipes according to its difficulty level, this journal is the perfect gift for any stationary lover-cum-foodie.


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