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The Watch That Makes Japleen Stylishly Punctual!

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Anyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I am not big on accessorising. The drama of having to match my clothes to a pair of earrings or a neckpiece just isn’t my scene. A simple anklet or a bracelet always does the trick for me. But what I do adore are wrist watches. They go with absolutely any outfit and can be worn all day, every day! Honestly, I’m a little old-school — I prefer checking the time on my watch rather than on my phone.

But I have never really owned a branded watch. So, since my birthday is coming up in a few days, I decided to gift myself a brand new, high-end timepiece.


After endless research and some help from my colleagues, I zeroed in on this classy DKNY Beige Analog Watch. Round and chunky, dual toned and in the colour of rose gold, this one was love at first sight. Moreover, it perfectly matches my rose gold iPhone! Created with solid metal, this piece is a long-term investment that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket — a DKNY watch at 14k is not a shabby deal.

It’s okay to splurge on yourself sometimes, especially on things you love! So, go ahead, live a little, and buy this swanky watch that will always keep you on time, in style.

SHOP NOW: DKNY Stanhope Beige Analog Watch (Rs 13,995)

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