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The iPhone Case That’s Making Baishali Want To Dance In The Rain

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I recently crossed over to the dark side — I’m now an Apple iPhone user. After years of having resisted, and been loyal to the Android, I finally gave in. The husband recently gifted me the iPhone 7 in Rose Gold, and I’ve got to say, I’m a convert.

Largely because of FaceTime, which means I can talk to him every day without burning a continent-sized hole in our pockets paying phone bills. Long distance sucks.

Anyhoo, my new phone is just so pretty. I mean, it’s rose gold. Why would I want to cover that up? Apparently, to save it. Butter fingers that I am, I’ve already dropped it a few times (#SorryBaby!), so my friends basically bullied me into buying a case for my phone so that I don’t later have to sell a kidney to replace the shattered screen or some such. Such theatrics, I tell you.

So began a painful hunt for the perfect cover to cover my perfect rose gold phone, which will no longer look rose gold after said cover is placed. *pout*

Well, I got over myself, and after scrolling down the iPhone covers page on Daily Objects for approximately 45 minutes (I kid you not), I found the cover that literally danced out to me.


Daily Objects_Mohra Case Iphone 7_Hauterfly

Daily Objects Mohra iPhone 7 Case


Tip tip barsa pani…I know this song is the fantasy of every boy who grew up in the ’90s, but what makes you think it’s not one for us girls as well? Wait, let me explain that. Every time I hear that song, all I want to do is don a bright yellow sari, run out in the rain (let’s not get into the nitty-gritty details of whether or not it’s raining), and heave my bosom to the beats. Don’t lie — you do too.

So when I saw this case, I knew it was the one. Not only will the polycarbonate case protect my phone, it’ll make it look good too, AND it awakens my inner Bollywood diva. I really don’t see how anything could be better than this — and I don’t just mean phone cases.

If you find this one as cute as I do, I suggest you click on the link below ASAP. Or…you can check out Daily Objects for more fun, quirky covers and accessories.

AND guess what?! Because you love Hauterfly and Daily Objects loves Hauterfly too, you get a 25% discount on anything you buy! All you have to do is use the code HAUTE25 while checking out and of course, like and follow Hauterfly. But hurry, because the offer is valid only till the end of June. Having shopping, y’all!

SHOP NOW: Daily Objects Mohra iPhone7 Case (Rs 1,100)


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