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This Clever Coffee Dripper Is Alisha’s Life Saver

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I know Zahra Khan would fight me for it, and considering she’s my boss she’d probably win, but ACTUALLY I am grumpy cat. Like, people actually know not to talk to me before I consume my first cup of coffee. Or conversely, are genuinely surprised by my mirth when I enter the office, only to realise that I must’ve had a cuppa at home before I left.

I know that this is not the kind of thing you brag about usually, and I’m not bragging. I actually do wish I was an on-time, happy morning person who loves to wake up with the birds and all that, but frankly, without coffee, all of that just sounds like pure torture. And to top it all off, any coffee doesn’t do it for me. I begrudgingly sip on a Nescafe at work, but inside, my soul is dying. Because I actually love the taste of good coffee.


Clever Coffee Dripper_Inpost

Clever Coffee Dripper by Koinonia Coffee Roasters

Then, by happy coincidence, I chanced upon this brewing system from Koinonia Coffee Roasters. It makes specialty coffee approachable through its innovative design and ease-of-use, making it ideal for beginners, yet still enjoyable for the pros.

It does all this by incorporating the best features of the French Press and pour-over brewing, without any of the inherent drawbacks. I love easy-to-use things, because I’m a huge klutz and have no understanding of basic engineering or how things should work, so this is perfect.

It creates brews without the bitterness, acidity or loose sediments typically found in the French Press — how awesome is that? Also, you have greater control over brewing time, unlike most traditional pour-over methods. It’s a godsend. And you’ll thank me for it soon. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

SHOP NOW: Clever Coffee Dripper by Koinonia Coffee Roasters (Rs 1,999)


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