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The Laptop Sleeve That’s Adding Colour To Japleen’s Life

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I’ve never been a girl who can handle gadgets. While my friends talk about the latest laptops, smartphones, and other gizmos like experts, I daydream about random things. However, now that they’ve become a necessity, I have to give in to technology and my #GeekChic leanings every once in a while. I recently purchased an Asus laptop that’s lightweight and almost as handy as a regular-sized book. That’s why I don’t really need a laptop bag to carry it around. The only problem is the colour. The plain black body is just so boring, but I cannot paint the laptop to a more appealing colour, right?

That’s why I decided to get myself a chic laptop sleeve that would dress up my gadget. The one that Asus was selling was black and blah. Then I saw one of my friends carrying her laptop in a vibrant owl-print sleeve and that’s when my search ended with Chumbak.



How could I forget about the quirky website that sells such cute stuff! Being a travel addict, this Live To Travel sleeve is perfect in every sense. With polaroid-style animated prints, this sleeve shouts out colour and fun every time you look at it. With colours like these, my laptop gets all the brightness it’s been lacking and looks less mundane. It is orange from the inside, which also happens to be my happy colour. Made of neoprene fabric, it is bound to last for years and is more or less waterproof. I just have to use a cloth to clean it whenever it catches a little dust.

Now, my usual standard laptop stands out in the crowd and makes me want to take it wherever I go. Also, it is a constant reminder that I need to travel every now and then.

SHOP NOW: Chumbak Live To Travel Laptop Sleeve (Rs 995)


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