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This Sassy Wooden Frame Is Giving Meghana Major #GirlBoss Vibes

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The #HauteSquad has found themselves a new HQ, which is way swankier than our old office. So, don’t be surprised if you see our Instagram feed flooded with lots of pretty interior pictures, because we’d love to give you a sneak peak of all the craziness that happens BTS (spoiler alert!). Our Lifestyle writer is all set to give you a detailed tour of our nest in her weekly column- #HauteSpaces soon. Apologies if I am sounding a little obsessed with the new spot, but wait till you see the pictures and then you’ll know.

The amazing team is prepping up the office so that it exudes Hauterfly vibes. (Yes, I am imagining unicorns and a lot of glitter). Also, it gives us an excuse to shop. *Yay* So while I was picking up tidbits to pretty up my desk, I stumbled upon this sassy wooden frame on one of my favourite stationery websites, The Papier Project.


Chase your Dreams Art piece_Inpost

Chase Your Dreams Art Piece

This framed piece of art is an inspiration it itself. As they say, good things come to those who hustle, but I truly believe that the fun is in enjoying the ride. And what better companion than high heels to boost your confidence? Absolute #GirlBoss feels! So every time I feel low or don’t get my daily coffee dosage, I know where to look! After all, I gotta tick off that huge bucket list. *wink*

SHOP NOW: Chase Your Dreams Art Piece (Rs 1,450)


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