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Japleen’s Swanky Card Wallet Is A Subtle Reminder Of Her Dream

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I have professed my love for travel over and over again. It is that one thing I will never get tired of talking about…then again, I can never tire of talking! Going to camps, trekking to new places, taking random vacations are what give me a purpose to live. However deep that was, it’s true! But then reality hits and you realise, nothing is possible without money. You must have seen those Facebook posts that say, “If travel was free, you will never see me”. Exactly my thoughts. Though there are some trips you can make on a budget, to travel the world patience is indeed a virtue.

So till I have my savings account a little heavy, I make do with buying and surrounding myself with everything travel. Be it laptop sleeves, bags, or even clothes. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a nomad at heart. During one of my retail therapy trips, I came across this amazing card wallet that was made for me — I’m sure of it.



Among the various cool products that Daily Objects has, this Wanderlust Map Card Wallet called out to me. Frankly, I never needed one but now that I have it, its become an important part of my existence. Made of leather, it’s simple yet beautiful. In fact, I had left it out on my desk all day and received quite a few compliments for it! It has two compartments that can easily hold a lot of cards and cash too. And since I don’t carry a lot of money anyway, it is perfect. Lightweight, it is the perfect size and literally fits in my pockets! But what stands out to me, but obviously, is word ‘wanderlust’ printed on it — I can look at it all day!

If you are a travel lover like me, then you must order this super affordable wallet STAT! My regular wallet has been chucked into one of my cupboards, completely forgotten. Plus, it’s a constant reminder that I have to make travel plans and also, that this will only happen when and if I have money. *irony*

SHOP NOW: Daily Objects Wanderlust Map Card Wallet (Rs 395)  


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