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Baishali Is Lighting Up Her Home With This Cool, Wooden Lamp

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Next to shopping for clothes, I love buying stuff for my home. Prettying up the space I live in is extremely vital for my mental peace and sanity — drinking my morning cuppa chai in a room flooded by natural light, and ending my day with a glass of vodka and apple juice in the same room that’s now dimly lit (aka mood lighting) pretty much sums up my happy day.

I’ve always been a hoarder of lamps and lanterns, both floor and hanging, because I really believe they have the power to instantly change the vibe of a room. When we entertain at home, we ensure the mood lighting is on point. In fact, every now and then, my roommate and I will change things up in the living rooms, adding and subtracting decorative pieces and plants, changing up a light here and there, stocking up the bar, the works.

Recently, on a trip to Delhi, I met a friend’s friend who makes wooden lamps from scratch and I knew I had to dig deeper. Luckily, he sells on Etsy, so I knew it was just a click of a button away.


Tanuj Arora_Modern Chandelier_Ed's Pick_Hauterfly

Tanuj Arora Wooden Pendant Light Chandelier


I started browsing through his collection as soon as I returned to Bombay, and this one instantly caught up my eye for two reasons — a) I have a lovely floor lamp that was given to me by my best friend (he then took it back when I briefly moved out of the country, and I had to fight him to get it back, but that’s a different story), and b) the abstract wooden panels through which the light peeps through. Moreover, I know exactly where to hang it in my living room; right in front of my beautiful clear windows.

Tanuj Arora creates these lamps by hand, cutting, shaping, sanding the raw materials himself. This particular chandelier is made of pine wood board, sanded to a teak medium hue, coated 4 times over for a satiny smooth finish. It’s like every inch of this lamp was made with love, care, and precision, and I love the uniqueness of it.

I’m already looking for a reason to throw another massive house party to show this baby off, but really, look at this — can you blame me?


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